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There isn't much here at the moment, so I'll just put stuff up that I find interesting right now.

Please Select Your Destination
Outdated Information about IRC
Internet Relay Chat, the first multiuser form of chat on the Internet. Pages kept just in case someone finds a use for them.
My Resume
Also available as a text and Microsoft Word document.
EECE 315 Assignments
Klingon on the Simpsons (600k .WAV PCM file)
My Personal Web Server (Enterprise closed-caption logs!)
Enterprise Closed-Captioning Logs (direct link)
Great websites by other people (i.e., not mine):
The Amazing Kayray!
Rob's Cryptic Life
Pyrite - PalmOS Content Converter
Brandon Turok's Loonquawl
Brandon Turok's Celebrity Kidneys
Austin's Site
Dan's Site

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